Online question exercises for the 2022 pat preparation level plus thematic online applications

Hello learners. Online trials before the test are actually needed for students, especially to prepare themselves so that they can answer questions easily. therefore In this article, it is provided and will share an Android-based application that can be used as a forum for training even-end-of-year assessment (PAT) questions at the elementary school level for the 2021/2022 academic year. of course, also the questions presented are in accordance with the thematic curriculum of 2013.

I made this PAT application myself with the aim of making it easier to learn during a pandemic, especially schools that use online learning.


Currently, the application I made is devoted to the elementary school (SD) level starting from the first grade to the sixth grade. As for the junior high school and high school levels, they are not yet available.

The application, which I named the Odd Semester Online PAS Exercises For Grades 1 to 6, contains several menus whose function is to open questions that I have made through Google forms.

Another feature that I added to this application is the attendance list or online attendance absence of students so that before starting the exercise students can fill in attendance first.

The questions I provide through this application are thematic questions and mathematics subjects in multiple choice form.

In addition, I also added an application menu that contains an introduction to the Minimum Competency Assessment (AKM) Questions for all levels.

I realized this app is far from perfect and there is still a lot to develop. I hope application users can understand if there are many shortcomings contained in the application menu.

I'm also still learning and I'm very beginner. Criticism and suggestions through the review column on the application are very useful to motivate me to continue to improve and add more useful features to the application,

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