Most Advanced and Functional Android Apps 2022, Must Install !

mobile phone buddy. For Android users, they definitely want the contents of their cellphone to be the latest application. Surely there are many of the most advanced Android applications developed by developers today. It could be that the application is in the form of a chat application, editing photos, finding a soul mate, and others.

You can get the recommendations below so that you can choose which one you need and want to install on your smartphone.

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20 Most Advanced Android Apps To Have

1. Google Assistant Go

Google LLC is the developer of Google Assistant Go which is often a recommendation for must-have Android applications. If you use this application, the advantage that is felt is that you no longer need to bother typing.

The way it works that can be done is by talking and the application will record it. For example, when you want to use GPS, you just have to talk and Google Assistant Go will find the desired location. In addition, it can be used for browsing, using Google Document to write, and so on.

2. SHAREit

It is not a new application, but still the presence of SHAREit is the most important in transferring data. It's great if you can send data of various formats to other Android users.

Of course, if you use bluetooth, it will be faster if you rely on this SHAREit. The claimed speed is 20M/s. In addition to sending data, you can also use it to watch videos from many sites online, isn't it interesting?

3. Tasker

A paid application but very worth it to use is Tasker which is priced at Rp. 47,000,-. The function of the Tasker application is that it can run activities automatically such as turning on or off many functions on Android.

When using Wi-Fi, for example, it can be used to turn it on when you are in the office and turn it off when leaving the office.

Seeing its sophistication, it won't be surprising because this Tasker application has been combined with the IFTTT application, so you won't be surprised, right?

4. Shouter

If you are a forgetful person then it is very suitable to use this most advanced Android application, namely Shouter. It can be regarded as a reminder application in any case to help users.

The use of IFTTT is like bookmarks that give you the opportunity to save some activities. For example, if you press the like button on a tweet and want to search for the tweet then with the IFTTT application you can do this.

6. EVA Facial Mouse

EVA Facial Mouse can describe Android but feels like a PC where you can find the cursor on your Android screen. This cursor will definitely help in carrying out activities on the smartphone, right?

The way the application works is very unique because you don't need to touch the phone screen because by just moving your hand, the EVA Facial Mouse will point at the desired cursor direction.

7. Sky Map

Like the name of the application, sky map, which means you can learn various kinds of space. Do you want to know about stars, planets, meteors, and other astrological things? The Sky Map application is perfect for use on your Android.

In fact, sky map can be used to find out the stars in real time and is quite accurate. That way the users can identify stars at night.

8. Google Find My Device
One more application made by Google that can be used in the recommendation of the most advanced Android applications. How unsophisticated? This application can find your lost cellphone by tracking it.

If on iOS or iPhone a similar application is called Find my iPhone, then this is a no less advanced version of Android. Even if you install the Google Find My Device application, it is also very useful in terms of security.

When using Google Find My Device, what is done is to track through GPS, sound loud sounds, lock the device, and delete a lot of data on the smartphone.

The storage on 1Password is arguably very secure and only accessible to users. Therefore, when you want to enter a password, you just have to open the 1Password application. That way the passwords can be stored neatly.

10. Smart Tools
Smart Tools is claimed to be used to do many things because this application is indeed a very smart and complete application. Its use can even be used to measure length using a ruler or meter.

The features that are quite sophisticated are by using the light feature as a flashlight, speed feature, location, mirror, metal detector, stopwatch, and many more. You can find this app on the Google Play Store to get the official version.

That way, to access your favorite movies, you don't have to bother opening the laptop and transferring it to the TV. Because this application can already get similar uses with maintained quality and speed.

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