Try! The Latest Free Accessible Teaching for Teachers App 2022

In addition to work, teaching and learning activities in schools are also one of the activities that must be done online or online. Fortunately, currently there are quite a lot of teaching applications that teachers can use in delivering learning materials. 

The Latest Free Accessible Teaching for Teachers

Not only delivering material, there are also applications that can be used for quizzes and learning while playing so that online learning activities do not feel boring and saturated. Want to know what are the applications? 

Come on, see the recommendations for teaching applications that can be used during online learning below. 


12 Teaching Apps for Teachers 

Zoom Meeting and Google Classroom may sound quite familiar to the ears of teachers. The reason is, these two applications are often used during online learning. 

However, there are actually many applications that you and your teachers can use when teaching online. Here are some recommendations. 

Teaching Apps for Interactive Presentations

For interactive presentations, teachers can take advantage of the following applications. 

1. Canva
Canva is an online graphic design and publication application that is very easy to use, even for beginners or someone who has no graphic design background. The app offers a wide variety of attractive designs, ranging from logos, posters, infographics, to presentations. 

So, it is very suitable for teachers who have to explain the material by presentation, but don't want to bother making the design because Canva already provides more than 8,000 templates for various types of visual content. Moreover, Canva can be accessed via desktop and mobile devices so that teachers can complete presentation slides anywhere and anytime. 

3. Jamboard
Present to facilitate real-time collaboration between teachers and students, Jamboard is a digital whiteboard application developed by Google. Like a conventional whiteboard, Jamboard can be used as a medium to explain learning materials by writing material, adding images, audio, and other information. 

There are several advantages that this application has, namely the editing and annotation features that are easy to use, students and teachers can edit slides at the same time, and can be downloaded in various formats (PDF, PNG, and JPG) and will automatically be saved to Google Drive so that they can be shared with students to learn again after class ends. 

Teaching Apps for Classroom Management

In addition to applications for presentations, teachers also need applications that can help classroom management run smoothly. Here are the application recommendations. 

4. KOCO Schools
KOCO Schools is an LMS (Learning Management System) application from Singapore that has been officially present in Indonesia since 2020. Although it is still relatively new, the features offered by KOCO Schools have been adapted to learning in Indonesia. And most importantly, this LMS can be used by teachers or schools for FREE. Register here!

This application makes it easier for teachers when they have to send assignments to several classes at once complete with automatic scheduling so that when the teacher has something to do outside the school, the assignment will automatically be sent to the student's account. 

In addition, through the attendance presentation feature, teachers can recap student attendance, both at school and at home simultaneously. Meanwhile, the daily performance summary feature will greatly help teachers in analyzing the results of students' daily work with the help of interactive graphs. 

Not only that, you can also access more than 30,000+ question banks and personalization features where you can adjust to the needs of different students.

Every month, teachers will be given access to free teacher training with various themes according to the needs of educators.

5. Google Classroom
Since the time of the pandemic, this application is very popular among teachers and students. The reason is, Google Classroom offers a variety of features that are easy to use for free. 

Through this application, teachers can see who are the students who have not completed the assignment and give grades directly. In addition, students can also receive materials and collect assignments through this app from Google. 

6. Edmodo
The application, which has been present since 2009, also offers various features to facilitate online learning. Using this application, teachers can create small classes and study groups like in class. 

The Assignment feature provided by Edmodo also makes it easier for teachers to give assignments to their students. In assigning this assignment, the teacher can include files, documents, links, or other resources that they want to provide. 

Then, there is the Gradebook feature that helps teachers recap student grades, the Award Badge feature to reward students or groups who have successfully worked on quizzes or assignments with excellent results, and various other interesting features. 

Apps for Quizzes

Teaching and learning activities don't feel right if there are no quizzes. Well, to make a quiz, you and your teacher can take advantage of the teaching application for the quiz below. 

7. Quizziz
With this application, teachers can make interactive quiz games to make learning more fun. No need to worry, this application does not allow students to cheat with their friends because the questions have been randomized so that every question received by one student and another must be different. 

In addition, students also have restrictions on answering each question so that they do not have the opportunity to ask questions with people around or cheat on notebooks. 

Teachers can also choose various quiz templates that can be tailored to your needs, ranging from multiple choices, checkboxes, fill in the blanks, polls, and open ended questions. Interesting, isn't it?

8. Quizlet
Not much different from Quizizz, the Quizlet application also allows teachers to create quizzes in the form of flash cards, multiple choices, upload videos, upload images, add text formatting, and so on. This teaching application for quizzes is very suitable to be applied to language subjects or other subjects that emphasize the mastery of new vocabulary. 

9. Wordwall
This game-based quiz app has 18 types of game templates that can be accessed for free, such as random wheels, anagrams, crossword puzzles, and many more. Games that have been created can be shared via email, social media, and Google Classroom.Students can also download the games that have been created in PDF form. 

Teaching Platform While Playing
Learning without being interspersed with games will feel boring and saturated. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with occasionally mr. and mrs. teachers invite students to play in between study time, even though the game is carried out online through the following application. 

10. Kahoot
This application is very similar to a quiz competition where the faster the participants answer, the greater the points or values obtained. The questions created can also be videos, images, and multiple choice. 

In addition, students can also immediately find out the correct answer to each complete question along with the explanation.

11. Educandy
This teaching platform to play is actually not much different from the Wordwall application where mr. and mrs. teachers choose various types of games, ranging from multiple choice, crossword puzzles, and so on. 

12. Quizalize
With this application, teachers can create quizzes in the form of multiple choices or essays to test students' understanding of the material that has been delivered. The quiz results will appear on the Teacher Dashboard in the form of a data report. 

source: blog.kocoschools.com

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